812 Laundry
Total Branding Solution
812 Laundry is a Hong Kong-based mobile laundry offering door-to-door delivery of clothes washing service. They serve all areas of Hong Kong with a delivery crew introducing the concept of mobile laundry. The whole identity of 812 Laundry is rebranded, to project a modern and young image to their clients.

A brand logo is designed in a way that combines a washing machine and a delivery car. This idea represents the laundry service with the delivery crew of the company. There is a moon inside the washing machine which represents the service of 812 Laundry at night time, from 8 to 12. A "keep moving fast" image is created for 812 Laundry since the company provides delivery service together with washing clothes. The graphic shows different "moving clothes" icons, just like many cars are moving in the city.

The branding project won a Silver Corporate Identity in A'Design Award 2019.
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